Poster Session

For University Students

Dates of the poster sessions:

April 15th Microbiology and Biotechnology Biomedicine Bioinformatics Immunology
April 16th Biology and Ecology Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
April 17th Biophysics and Neurobiology Genetics Cell Biology High School PostersLT

Important Dates

Registration opensFebruary 19th, 09:00 EET
Abstract submissionMarch 15th to March 31st, 23:59 EET
Registration closesMarch 31st, 23:59 EET


Please note that these abstract and poster presentation requirements must be met for your work to be accepted.

Requirements for abstracts:

Poster requirements:

Evaluation of Presentation

At the conference The COINS, your academic poster presentation will be evaluated for various criteria by leading scientists in the field, and applaudable presentations will be awarded for their excellence.

Here we provide the Evaluation Form. Please remember, that organizers reserve the right to make necessary changes to the evaluation form without any additional notice.

It is important to remember that the organizers may provide additional points during the poster evaluation session if:

Guidelines for making your academic poster

How to prepare for a poster session, what are the tips and tricks in making a poster, what is a good and bad poster and many more you can find in these slides (Lithuanian language only), prepared by multiple best poster award receiver, Ph.D. student Vilius Malūnavičius.