What is the deadline for abstract and poster submission?

As for right now, there is no information on submission deadlines since the registration for poster and oral presentations hasn't started yet.

Can one student / researcher submit more than one abstract / poster?

No. One participant can submit only one abstract / poster as the first author. Nevertheless, they can be co-authors of multiple posters.

When should the abstract be submitted?

Currently, registration for oral / poster presentations is closed.

Can I make changes to the abstract after its submission?

Yes, but only once and no later than the deadline for the abstract submissions. After that, no changes in the abstract can be made.

I am a VU LSC (lt. VU GMC) student. Do I have to pay a poster registration fee? Are there any additional requirements or deadlines?

With any questions concerning discounts and registration fee exemptions contact coins@thecoins.eu.

Can there be more than one presenter?

Yes. But we strongly recommend that there would be no more than two presenters. If there will be more than one presenter, please state that in the registration form and provide another presenter's email address. Otherwise, other presenters are risking not receiving participation certificates.

When should I bring the poster during the live conference?

We ask you to give your poster to the organizers a day before the poster session, no later than 6 p.m. (EET) on that day (e.g., if the poster session is scheduled for 2nd of March, you must provide your poster by 6 p.m. EET of 1st of March).

Organizers will be waiting for your poster at the registration table or the information center.

When will I receive the registration confirmation and acceptance email?

A registration confirmation notice should reach you within 24 hours after the registration has been finalized. After that, please wait for a maximum of two weeks for the acceptance notice (usually, you will receive it during the first week).

Are there any additional points from the organizers during poster evaluation?

Additional points go to presenters who provide posters to organizers in time, compose abstracts using the given template, and whose posters meet the poster size requirements.

What are the criteria during the poster evaluation process? What language should I converse with the judges?

You will be evaluated in these categories:

  • Organization (information flow in the poster)
  • Content
  • Background theory
  • Conclusion / Future prospects
  • Oral presentation

The evaluation rubric will be available two weeks before the conference. Note that you will have an opportunity to see the evaluation forms of your poster after the poster session.

We recommend using the English language not only during the poster session but during the conference itself.

I changed my mind about participating in the poster session. Can I withdraw and get a full refund?

Yes, you can withdraw from the poster session and get a full refund, but only until the registration deadline. After that refund will not be possible.
To withdraw from the session, write to presentations@thecoins.eu. To get a full refund, please contact coins@thecoins.eu.

Is it necessary to be by my poster all the time during the poster session (either virtual or live)?

Yes, you must be at your poster during the poster session. If the judge or organizer does not find you, you will forfeit your right to receive the certificate of participation.

Will I get a certificate of participation in the poster session? When will I receive it?

Yes, you will receive the certificate of participation. Note that if the judge or organizer does not find you by the poster, you will forfeit your right to receive the certificate of participation.

The certificate will be sent to the email provided during the registration process no later than the week after the conference.

Can I submit the poster that was also presented at other conferences?

It would be best if you do not do that. Of course, organizers don't have the means to track all the conferences to check if your research was presented earlier using the same poster. This is where we appeal to your sense of integrity.

Also, it would be uncomfortable if the organizers did recognize your poster from a previous The COINS conference or other conferences, so please, be creative and produce something unique.

My poster features data that we plan to use for publication. Will my poster be published or shared online (either during the virtual or live conference)?

No. The organizers will not publish or share your poster online (except privately, when posters are provided for the judges to do preliminary evaluation). Nevertheless, keep in mind that the organizers do not take responsibility if the conference's attendees, for example, take photos of your poster.

Do I have to submit my poster in PDF format before the poster session?

Not necessarily. But we kindly ask you to do that at least five days before the conference so that judges can get familiarized with your poster and do a preliminary evaluation. During the poster session, most time should be dedicated to discussion.

When can I take back my poster?

You can take your poster yourself directly after the end of the poster session, or you will be able to find it in the information center anytime from the end of the poster session until the end of the conference.