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How about joining the Communications & Marketing team?

  • Become a public image guru, who manages social media profiles;
  • Excel at your artistic side, while practicing your visual design skills;
  • Write attention-grabbing texts;
  • Create advertising campaigns and merchandise;
  • Face your fears for phone calls;
  • Chat with the biggest life sciences companies in Lithuania;
  • And much more!

In the Academic team you will meet the rockstars of life sciences

  • Network with scientists from Lithuania and the whole world;
  • Excel at your planning and organizational skills
  • Work with poster and oral presentation sessions;
  • Explore an overwhelming variety of life sciences topics;
  • Become a letter writing expert;
  • Learn more about the conferences in life sciences;
  • And much more!

Would you like to join the Events team?

  • Unleash your organizational skills;
  • Practice logistics;
  • Excel at time managing;
  • Plan and run events;
  • Manage inventory rent;
  • And much more!

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