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The COINS is an international conference, organised by the Vilnius University Students` Representation. The event gathers various people working in the life science field – including students and scholars. We invite you to immerse yourself into a collaborative scientific experience, discuss, learn and share your thoughts with experts, expand your network and enjoy an exciting programme.

Participants will get acquainted with scientific innovations, perspectives and the most relevant topics in the field of Life Sciences during the conference. The COINS also gives an opportunity for B. Sc., M. Sc. and PhD students to present their research to a large audience, get constructive criticism and useful advice.

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Our Speakers in 2020

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Honorable Speakers

John O'Keefe - Portrait

John O`keefe

Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 2014

Christiane Jockwitz

Post-Doc at Heinrich Heine University

Ada Yonath

Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2009


Rapolas Žilionis

Chief Scientific Officer at Droplet Genomics


Jan H. J. Hoeijmakers

Spinoza award laureate

Inga Griskova-Bulanova

Inga Griškova-Bulanova

Chief researcher of Brain State Research group at Vilnius University

Tor Henrik Semb

Professor at University of Copenhagen


Arūnas Stirkė

Head of Bioelectrochemistry Laboratory at FTMC

Naomi Martin

Honorary Lecturer at the University of Leicester

Kliment Olechnovič

Researcher of bioinformatics at Vilnius University

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The Event Organizers

International Conference of Life Sciences The COINS is organized solely by students, who are interested in science and want to share their knowledge among each other and with various scientists all around the world.

This event is one of many events that is coordinated by VU SA  (Vilnius University Students’ Representation) –  an independent, non-profit orientated, non-political organization which represents the interests of all students of Vilnius University (VU).

For more information, contact the


Daniel Šematovič
Event Executive
Tel.: +370 601 51780

Emilija Radlinskaitė
Event Assistant
Tel.: +370 689 50149

Gvidas Šulskis
Social Media Coordinator
Tel.: +370 647 56081

Kornelija Buivydaitė
Keynote Speakers Coordinator
Tel.: +370 692 75304

Ugnė Bičkauskaitė
Public Relations Representative
Tel.: +370 663 68081

Evelina Prosevičiūtė
Organizational Affairs Coordinator
Tel.: +370 699 94018

Julija Kravčenko
Advertising Coordinator
Tel.: +370 609 53287

Karolina Keršytė
Human Resources Coordinator
Tel.: +370 699 16789

Paulius Sasnauskas
IT Coordinator
Tel.: +370 687 42128

Rokas Toleikis
Marketing Coordinator
Tel.: +370 684 76402

Lukas Krasauskas
Presentation Coordinator
Tel.: +370 670 18119

Milda Stachnevičiūtė
Public Awareness Activities Coordinator
Tel.: +370 634 15458

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