Tips for presenters

Abstract recommendations

Formatting instructions:

Abstract text must be in Times New Roman Font, 12 pt size, use single line spacing.
The abstract should not exceed 300 words (including Introduction, Aim, Materials and methods, Results and Conclusion).
The title must be short, clearly indicating the objective of the research. Only first letter of each word in the title should be capital.
Full name of the first author should be written in CAPITAL LETTERS, and the name of co-author(s) in lower-case letters.
It is not permitted to include tables, charts or pictures in your abstract.
Do not include references in your abstract.

Your abstract should contain the following parts:



Introduction: Describe the current state of scientific progress regarding your field.

Aim: Describe the aim of your research and why your work is important.

Materials and methods:
Describe the materials and methods which are used for your work.

Results: Write only the most important results of your research.

Conclusion: Interpret the meaning of the results.

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Practical information

For oral presentations:

Presenters will have 15 minutes for their talks and discussion.
The recommended duration for the talk is 12 minutes + 3 minutes for questions.
Participant should upload their files and/or test their presentations before the session.
While preparing, please be aware of the audience consisting of young researchers most probably not well familiar with the context of your research. Therefore, we strongly advise to include a brief introduction to your field of research.

For poster presentations:

Poster area available is of 870 x 1170 mm size.
Organizers will provide participants with all the necessary equipment to hang the posters.
For large format printing in Vilnius you can use the services of COPYPRO (Gedimino pr. 33, works 24/7).

For any additional information, please contact us at