Practical information


For your convenience we have some suggestions for your stay in our beautiful capital Vilnius. However, you can consider finding another lovely place to stay by using , or any other website. Organizers are not responsible for the accommodation of the participants, but in case any questions arise you are welcome to contact us.


Panorama Hotel AB „MIKOTELGROUP“

Sodų g. 14, LT-01313, Vilnius

Single room: €73/room

Double room: €79/room


Viešbutis CONTI

Raugyklos g. 7/2 LT-01140 Vilnius

Single room: €81/room

Double room: : €159/room


Ecotel Vilnius

Slucko g. 8, Vilnius LT-09312,

Single room: €58/room

Double room: : €66/room



Park Villa

Vaidilutės str. 6A, LT-10100, Vilnius,

Single room: €39/room

Double room: : €40/room



Reforatai Park Hotel

JonoBasanavičiausst. 9, Vilnius,

Single room: €86/room

Double room: : €106/room





Life Sciences Center (LSC, Saulėtekio al. 7, Vilnius)

Arriving from the train/bus station

To get to the LSC, take the trolleybus number 2 to Saulėtekis from the bus stop “Stotis A” which can be found in front of the Vilnius train station and get off at the “Nemenčinėsplentas” or “Saulėtekis” stop.  The full trip from the station to the LSC takes from 50 to 60 minutes depending on traffic.

Arriving from the airport

There are two options

  • Take bus 3G from the bus stop “Oro uostas” which can be found in front of the Vilnius airport. Get off at the ”Žaliasistiltas” station and then take trolleybus number 10 or 14 to saulėtekis and get off at the “Nemenčinėsplentas” or “Saulėtekis” station. The full trip takes from 50 to 70 minutes depending on traffic.
  • Take a train (timetables can be found here) from the stop next to the airport to the Vilnius train station. Then you can follow the instructions “Arriving from bus/train station” that are listed above.

Purchasing bus/trolleybus tickets:

  • Purchase a single-ride ticket directly from the bus driverthat
  • E-Ticket, called “Vilniečiokortelė”, can be purchased from press kiosks (next to most bus stops), in post offices, in Narvesen and in bigger Maxima stores. Vilniečiokortelė is credited with an appropriate amount of money and/or the selected number of electronic public transport tickets. A valid ticket in the card, properly activated on board of the public vehicle, can be used for transfers between routes, as opposed to the ticket bought onboard from the driver.

Fastest routes and other information on public transport in Vilnius can be found on:

You can also use other means of transportation such as various taxis, uber or even rental cars. If you are arriving from the airport we strongly advise you to use uber or taxify apps as the taxis next to the airport can be inconvenient and expensive.  The address for the LSC is Saulėtekio al. 7, Vilnius.