VU SA (Vilnius University Students’ Representation) is an independent, non-profit orientated, non-political organization which represents the interests of all students of Vilnius University (VU)

VU SA acts for students:

  • acts for the good of students (defends the rights of students in governing organs of VU and beyond the boundaries of VU);
  • improves the process of studies (ensures the quality of studies by offering essential changes, helps in the process of writing appeals or in choosing optional courses);
  • takes care of social welfare (endeavors to achieve the fulfillment of basic students’ physiological needs, initiates the mounting of the rest zones, participates in the distribution of scholarships);
  • organizes meaningful leisure activities (in order to make the time spent at the university unforgettable);
  • spreads information (in order to make the most important news known to all students).