We want to present you the third speaker of „The COINS 2018“ conference – Juozas Nainys – PhD student, who is pursuing his degree in single-cell transcriptomics field at Vilnius university Life sciences center.

Juozas Nainys is pursuing his PhD in single-cell transcriptomics field under the guidance of Dr. Linas Mažutis, who is one of the inventors of droplet microfluidics technique for single-cell barcoding and sequencing. Together with colleagues Juozas has recently published an article describing in details the implementation and use of droplet microfluidics platform for high-throughput single-cell RNA-seq. Recently Juozas has spent a year as a visiting research scholarin Prof. Dana Pe’er group (Columbia University, NYC, USA), who is one of the leading experts in single-cell data analysis.In her group Juozas participated in the development of a bioinformatics algorithm,named MAGIC, for improved single-cell transcriptional data analysis. Other projects in Prof. Pe’er group included immune landscape profiling in patient samples. Juozas is alsoone of the founding members of“Droplet Genomics” – a startup company that is offering commercial solutions for single-cell research.