We want to present you the seventh speaker of “The COINS 2018” conference – Giedrė Valiulienė – who is a Biochemistry PhD student at Vilnius University Life Sciences Center.

Giedrė Valiulienė is a Biochemistry PhD student, working in the Department of Molecular Cell Biology at Vilnius University Life Sciences Center under the guidance of prof. Rūta Navakauskienė. G. Valiuliene‘s PhD thesis is devoted to epigenetic leukemia therapy and investigation of its‘ novel molecular aspects. Currently, Giedrė Valiulienė is studying the anti-leukemic effects of epigenetic modifiers inhibitors and their combinations (i.e., inhibitors of histone deacetylases and histone methyltransferases). These pre-clinical epigenetic leukemia therapy studies are carried out in vitro (using cultured cell lines) and also in vivo (using mice xenograft models).

Giedrė Valiulienė has also participated as co-worker in several scientific projects, dedicated to leukemia molecular biomarker study and discovery of novel anti-cancer compounds.