Juozas Rimantas Lazutka

Head of Bioscience institute. Habilitated doctor and professor in Vilnius university. His research mostly concentrates on environmental genotoxicity and population genetics.


Danny Porath

Vice Dean for research of the faculty of Science, Etta and Paul Schankerman Professor in molecular biomedicine at the Hebrew University. Also a founder and coordinator of the Nanoseminar – seminar of the HUJI Center for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology

“The COINS is a prime example for the actual implementation of central values of science: Curiosity the organizing team and the manifold of students surrounding them strive to communicate and learn from top scientists in the world. Initiative and courage – it is organized by students in their BSc, while most students at this stage around the world are busy with their personal studies and exams. Responsibility and organization – the team takes on itself to lead and make this special event happen in a very dedicated and organized manner. Self criticism and learning from experience – the team is passing the knowledge on how to do it from one generation of students to the next with a well observed improvement. Enthusiasm together with community and sharing spirit – the excitement as well as community and mutual support atmosphere are evident to every attendee of this great event. My personal enthusiasm and appreciation of the above bring me back to Vilnius year by year!”

Egidijus Kinderis

President of Vilnius University Students’ Representation, 1st Year Master’s Student of the Life Sciences Centre.

“The COINS is an example that students can do more. The attention to detail and hours spent organizing such an event is dedicated towards creating an environment where every student can present their research, listen to lectures of honorable scientists and get inspired to pursue a career in science. More than ever we need brave young minds to become active members of the science community. I wish best of luck for the organisers and I hope that every attendee can get as much as possible from this conference.”