Ambassadors 2017

Osvaldas Rukšėnas

Lithuanian neurobiologist, biophysicist,
Head of Institute of Biosciences in Life Sciences Center,
Head of Departament of Neurobiology and Biophysics,
Professor of Biomedical Sciences,
President of Lithuanian Association of Neurosciences.

„Originally „The COINS“ stand for the Conference International of Natural Sciences, but I think that during all these years when it is organized it proved to be similar to coins in the monetary sense – as strong and valuable as money. This conference has many different aspects – in addition to scientific importance it is very good school for organizers who acquire invaluable skills. So, organize, make mistakes, learn from them and go forward!“


Sonata Jarmalaitė

Lithuanian geneticist,
Deputy Director for Research and Education of Lithuanian National Cancer Institute,
Leader of an Epigenetics group of a Division of Human Genome Research Centre, Institute of Biosciences, Vilnius University,
Professor at the Life Sciences Centre of Vilnius University,
Speaker of The Coins 2017.

“The COINS conference is a perfect opportunity to foster your scientific side: to present your achievements to an audience, to have discussions with colleagues, and to meet your potential business partners.”


Egidijus Kinderis

President of Vilnius University Students’ Representation,
1st Year Master’s Student of the Life Sciences Centre.