We would like to present the abstract of our keynote speaker – Dónal O’Carroll – who is the associate director at the MRC Centre of Regenerative Medicine, University of Edinburgh.

Several stages of both male and female gametogenesis are transcriptionally quiescent; thus the germline is heavily reliant on post-transcriptional regulation of gene expression. This is especially relevant for the female germline, where the post-transcriptional utilization of the maternal transcriptome underpins meiotic maturation, fertilization and early embryonic development. The variety and abundance of RNA modifications coupled with the realization of their regulatory importance has given rise to the nascent field of epitranscriptomics. Here we sought to understand if epitranscriptomic regulation contributes to the assembly or metabolism of the mammalian maternal transcriptome. The presentation will focus on the importance of the N6-methyladenosine-reader YTHDF2 as well as the TUT4/7 3′ uridylases in oogenesis and early zygotic development.