THE COINS 2018 BEGINS: the formation of a new team!

Vilnius University Students Representation of the Life Sciences Center (VU SA GMC) is organising “The COINS 2018”, the international conference of life sciences, for the thirteenth time now. Currently a new team is being formed to contribute to the fast-growing event that happens each year.

What makes students want to help organize the conference?
One of the main reasons why students are interested in being a part of this event is the opportunity to test themselves in different roles. Writing letters to the winners of prestigious awards in the field of science, looking for sponsors, creating visuals and interacting with the media are only a few of them. Working as a team leads each member towards personal growth and motivates them them to reach their goals.

“I was amazed that students could organize such a high-quality conference that attracted lectors from all over the world! All of you have made me proud! Let‘s keep on spreading knowledge! Good luck!“– Valda Tamaliūnaitė, a participant of the last year‘s conference, shared her impressions of the event.

The works of scientists who participate in the conference have gained global recognition. Not only do these peoplepresent the results of their research and share their most important scientific discoveries, they also share their experience with younger people – students of master’s and doctor’s degrees, who can present their own works in the conference and receive constructive criticism from professionals. The participants have the opportunity to get to know the scientists better in the opening and closing evening parties of the event.Chatting over a cup of coffee canlead even to unexpected offers of internship. Communicating with scientists broadens your mind, allows you to see your field of research from a different perspective and motivates you to seek out even more knowledge in the field of science.

Justina Mieldažytė, this year’s coordinator of “The COINS”, gives advice to the new members of the team: “Be brave. Never again will you be the same people that you are now, so don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. Challenge yourselves,generate new ideas, and the team will make them happen. Your motivation is the power that pushes the conference forward each year. Without all of you, “The COINS” wouldn’t be possible.”

Experience everything yourselves! Join the team of “The COINS 2018”!

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