We would like to present the 10th speaker of The Coins 2017 – Justas Dapkūnas.

Dr. Justas Dapkūnas is a researcher at the Department of Bioinformatics of Vilnius University Institute of Biotechnology. He works on the analysis of protein structure, its surface properties and interactions.


During the Ph.D. studies at Vilnius University, Justas Dapkūnas gained experience in application of data mining methods for problems in chemistry working in collaboration with researchers at ACD/Labs, Inc. After obtaining the Ph.D. degree in 2011, he switched to the analysis of structural data of protein complexes as a postdoctoral researcher at the Institute of Biotechnology. In 2014, he  further enhanced his expertise in protein-protein interactions as a visiting researcher at Barcelona Supercomputing Center.

Justas Dapkūnas is the main developer of the PPI3D web server for searching, modeling and analysis of protein-protein interactions in the context of 3D structures. During the international CAPRI (Critical Assessment of Predicted Interactions) experiment in 2016, he was the key person behind the modeling of protein complexes in the Česlovas Venclovas group, which showed the best results.