We would like to present the abstract of our keynote speaker Sonata Jarmalaite, who is a Professor at the Life Sciences Centre of Vilnius University and a Deputy Director for Research and Education of Lithuanian National Cancer Institute. 

A molecular approach in cancer diagnostics and treatment

Recent advances in genomic, epigenomic and proteomic technologies have markedly improved the understanding of the molecular biology of cancer and inspired the development of novel treatment strategies and tools for cancer diagnostics.

In recent years, modern approaches have been implemented into cancer diagnostics, including advanced optical methods and genetic or proteomic profiling. Liquid biopsy-based detection of circulating tumor cells or cancer nucleic acids opens a new way for non-invasive diagnostics and follow-up of outcomes after surgery or during postsurgical treatment.

Based on the genome- and epigenome-wide analysis of prostate carcinomas, our group has developed several informative and simple urine-based tests for the early detection of prostate cancer and the follow-up of patients during the postsurgical period. Moreover, our biomarker systems enable the prediction of response to treatment and suggest modern means for the selection of the most appropriate treatment in an early-stage or metastatic disease.