The Coins – 10 Reasons to Get Ready!

Save the date, because The Coins international conference is arriving to Vilnius University with a force of a great typhoon. This is the event of a year, which you simply cannot miss, so before the registration is closed, let’s look at all the reasons why you should definitely participate in this conference!

1.    Exceptional, highly scientific conference, organized only by students from Vilnius University.

2.    Nine speakers from all around the globe: USA, Israel, UK, Sweden, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

3.    Topics covering the newest research in the life sciences field, segmented into 4 sessions consisting of several speakers from the same field – life sciences industry, nanotechnology, medicine and synthetic biology.

4.    One of the sessions will include a plenary discussion ‘From idea to product – success stories in Lithuania’ engaging young people to follow the life sciences career pathway. 

5.    Presentations from BA, MA and doctoral students allowing you to get in touch with their research and results. Posters will be displayed as well inviting participants to acquaint some ideas from other labs.

6.    An excellent opportunity to get qualified, international and constructive critique while presenting to a broad audience which may encourage you to reach further towards achieving your goals and continue working in the life sciences field.

7.    A great chance to meet your future colleagues, partners or simply get inspired to pick up a micropipette again. Sometimes a simple cup of coffee can change the way you see your opportunities in the sciences field.

8.    Get excited because this year The Coins is highly orientated into career as well. The company fair will gather a lot of employers from all across the country who will be able to provide you a lot of knowledge about the postgraduate job perspectives. You may find more than you were looking for and the findings may be surprising. 

9.    Not only the scientific environment but amiable welcome reception and closing event await, allowing you to make contacts and friendships with lecturers, presenters and sponsors.

10.    Most of the conference activities will take place in a brand new Vilnius University Life Sciences Center located in the Sunrise Valley - the most creative and technologies driven environment in Vilnius with more than 15,000 students, 5,000 researchers and scientists. University campus suggests modern facilities, fully equipped labs and a wonderful atmosphere.


Registration for presenters closes on February 15th and on February 24th for the listeners. Don’t miss a unique opportunity to get involved into the scientific community and gain a lot of knowledge in different fields. 

When: 28 February 2 March, 2017.
Where: Vilnius University Life Sciences Center, Vilnius, Lithuania.